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Surface Mount Assembly

Surface Mount Assembly

We have an ongoing investment in state-of-the-art surface mount technology for assembly, supported by highly trained and experienced engineers to make sure your job is right first time, every time.
“High Accuracy”

This allows Walkbury the capability to place components from 01005′s through to the largest SMT packages and SMT Assemblies with absolute precision, whilst retaining the flexibility and modularity that is paramount.

A high level of placement accuracy, solder joint integrity and quality is consistently achieved. We are optimally equipped to undertake PCB batches from low to high quantities and have the experience to then assemble all surface mount devices with assurance and quality assured.

Automatic Optical Inspection
Every assembly we make is subjected to our stringent Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) process.
“A Critical Process”

Automatic Optical Inspection is a critical process that verifies our production methods are operating optimally.

Alongside traditional inspection techniques, we are able to offer absolute confidence that each assembly meets our stringent quality standards, whilst keeping your costs to a minimum.