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Other Services

Other Services

Walkbury offer a wide range of specialist services to help meet and exceed your companies requirements.

Cable Assembly

Walkbury have experience in all aspects of cable assembly. We have the manufacturing equipment and resources to provide a diverse range of custom cable assembly solutions, tailored to your requirements. Our technical abilities facilitate any type of cable assembly incorporating solder or crimp technologies.

Conformal Coating

Its purpose is to protect electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain moisture or contaminants. By being electrically insulating it maintains long term surface insulation resistance (SIR) levels and ensures the integrity of the assembly. It also acts as a barrier to air-borne contaminants hence preventing corrosion. We can offer advice on the most suitable coating and method for your product having the capability and knowledge to meet all requirements in order to provide you with the protection you need.


Electronic components and pcbs are frequently subjected to moisture, extreme temperatures, mechanical loads and chemical effects. Encapsulation offers a highly effective protection for sensitive electrical connection and electronics. We can provide advice on the best compounds and techniques for your product in order to enhance insulation, flame retardation, robustness and indeed security.

Turn Key Manufacturing

Turn key manufacturing is about tailoring our service to meet your requirements. We want you to confidently outsource your entire manufacturing process with the knowledge that it will be expertly handled by us. Having full access and support of our design and production engineering team, we can provide everything from pcb design and manufacture through to full box build assembly and test.


Crimping is one of the fastest, most reliable and rugged termination method but it must be done correctly or all the effort that goes into selecting the right connector is wasted. Our team have extensive experience in crimping for all terminations and housings. We also have the capability of providing pull testing with our in house streamline 500 KMF machine.