Laser Guided PCB Through Hole Assembly      

Although SMT is a high proportion of our assembly, we at Walkbury, recognise that conventional work still
plays an important part in our business.

Laser Guided AssemblyLaser Guided Assembly

"A Core Aspect"

We understand that in an ever more competitive marketplace, the need for low costs, high quality production techniques in this area is an absolute necessity.

The laser guided, semi automatic assembly Mascot stations, provide us with the capability to produce complex through hole assemblies with a minimum operator learning curve.

      Quality & Reliable Wave Soldering      

Our Blundell CMS-400LF is the industry standard in wave soldering technology in terms of both quality and reliability.

Wave SolderingWave Soldering

"Quality & Reliable"

We also utilize chip-wave technology allowing us the flexibility of manufacturing same-side mixed technology assemblies.

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