What We Do & How We Do It      

At Walkbury we work with our clients to reduce their costs whilst increasing output and quality.
With over thirty years of experience in the sector we are well placed to provide this, especially when involved in projects from early in their life.
So please give us a call and lets work together to increase your profits and lower your overheads.

"Top Quality Customer Care"

We believe we offer a service that few, if any, of our competitors can match.

Despite continued growth and success, we deliberately retain a flat organisational structure affording us great flexibility, speed of communication and the ability to continually improve. There is no ‘red tape’ at Walkbury.

As a Walkbury customer you’ll have a dedicated Client Relationship Manager who is both suitably empowered and singularly tasked with ensuring that your needs are attended to. You will get the right answers to your questions from an expert who knows your project inside out.

We believe that quality should be a given! Your assembly will be free from manufacturing defect and we go to great lengths to ensure that this is the case!

For example, every single SMT solder paste deposit our machines make is 100% optically inspected before a component is even placed. We employ state-of-the-art AOI equipment to verify every single SMT placement that we make. Where appropriate, we’ll even hand deliver fragile or particularly sensitive assemblies. In short, nothing we do is left to chance.

"Nothing we do is left to chance"

But please don’t take us on our word alone, we’d like to welcome you on-site. Let us actively demonstrate our processes from start to finish. We really like to work with our customers as early in the process as practicable, this way we can offer ou the advice and expertise to slash hours off a job. We are specialists in helping our customers ‘design for manufacture’.


Our Machines & Processes

Screen Printer
- DEK Horizon 03iX (+ Hawkeye Paste Inspection)
Placement Machine - Samsung SM321, Samsung SM320, Samsung CP40CV
Reflow Oven - Folungwin FL-VP860
PCB Handling - Universal Instruments Corporation
Stencil Cleaning - Alfa Fry Sabre Max 757
Rework Equipment - Ersa
Reprint Services - AVX500 SMT Stencil Printer With Inspection
Placer - Samsung SM411F High Speed Flexible Placer (12 Head, Twin Gantry, 01005 Capability)
Reflow Oven - Heller 1707 MKIII SMT Reflow Oven

Mascot Laser Guided Assembly
- Robotas
Wave Soldering - Blundell CMS-400LF
Hand Soldering - Metcal / Weller

AOI System
 - Scanspection SS15000PAL

Surface Mount Assembly Through Hole Assembly Precision Hand Assembly Rework Services Design For Manufacture Other Services