About Walkbury Electronics      

Since 1978 Walkbury Electronics has been providing world class Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) solutions in the PCB sector for a diverse range of business sectors including medical, industrial process control equipment and automotive sectors.

"Quality Electronics Assembly Services Since 1978"

We offer the flexibility of a total manufacturing solution for the Printed Circuit Board sector, from design and specification through to assembly and end user product delivery. We also offer custom solutions designed around our client and their specific requirements, we can even work around an existing manufacturer to compliment their existing skills and facilities.

We Are A Family Owned & Operated Business

Our clients range from single ‘entrepreneur’ start-ups to multi-national organisations. Our manufacturing portfolio is as diverse. It ranges from low cost consumer products through to highly specialized military and commercial aviation assemblies. Be it low or high quantities of assemblies, we have a proven track record of meeting our customers needs in terms of quality, flexibility, reliability and price.

We are one of the largest successful family run electronics businesses in the UK, and as a family run business it's in our best interest to be hands on with our clients and the projects running through manufactring facility.

We take a personal interest in the quality of projects and the speed and efficiency of how they are processed from our design office right through to delivery.   

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